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Working with the social team to assist with a visual identity that they could use throughout their regular online conversation series ‘#RECONSTRUCTIONWORK’ bringing together writers, artists and activists, the conversations will consider how we can build a better society in response to the Covid-19 crisis and the Black Lives Matter protests worldwide.

The brief was was loose, but the visual had to be extended to their launch on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which included a subtle GIF promo, this also had to work on their website and be transferable in black and white as well as their brand colours. A workable template for their in-house social team. Guidelines were provided to ensure proper use.

The Stuart Hall Foundation is committed to public education, addressing urgent questions of race and inequality in culture and society through talks and events, and building a network of SHF scholars and artists in residence.

Previous conversations can viewed on their YouTube channel:

#reconstructionwork: with Gary Younge and Lola Olufemi

#reconstructionwork: with David Lammy and Amina Gichinga

#reconstructionwork: with Catherine Hall and Ruth Ramsden-Karelse

#reconstructionwork: with Shiv Malik and Susanna Rustin