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Strategising a ground-breaking use of social media known for the first time with a fashion brand. Creating with the Topshop team during London Fashion Week #LIVETRENDS, giving customers a chance to shop for key trends from the event, based on real-time tweets tying in with outdoor advertising, flagging up related products on digital billboards around shopping districts throughout the UK. The campaign was recognised at the 2015 CLIO Image Awards, winning the Out of Home and Integrated Campaign categories. It was also awarded Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year at the 2015 B&T Retail Week Tech & eComm Awards.

It was necessary to implement a social media campaign in order to create engagement and more exposure for the brand. Aware of the huge impact that blogging and social media have over the fashion world we implemented its best techniques at the time, creating a social media campaign which fits the needs of its users and the brand. Strategies such as the creation of a unique hashtag and the choice of the right platform for the right audience gave the brand more exposure.

Twitter is known as the social media platform in which real-time content becomes viral and engaging, in order to keep its users updated about any news regarding their interests. Consequently, #LIVETRENDS was part of any conversation on Twitter regarding new trends during the period of London Fashion Week.

At the time of concluding the #LIVETRENDS social media campaign, Topshop was recognised as one of the brands with the best digital campaign in the fashion industry. The results produced by the campaign were highly positive.
The #LIVETRENDS campaign was a triumph, both in terms of consumer engagement and ROI. More than 3.8 million customers engaged using the hashtag on Twitter. Topshop saw a sales uplift of 75% on products which featured online during the DOOH (digital out of home) campaign, contributing to an 11:1 return on its investment.